2 Dollar Day


Today, nearly half the world’s population lives on just $2 per day– something most of us can’t even imagine.

And so we ask this simple question, pose a simple challenge. Will you take one day Thursday, December 8th  and try to eat on less than $2?

There are four simple rules for taking challenge.

  1. You must budget out $2 for your food for the whole day, no cheating!  If you eat it, count it.
  2. No donated food, if you didn’t add the cost of the item to your budget, you can’t’ eat it.
  3. Learn something! When you feel hungry, when you get frustrated, stop and think about those who must do this every day, look up ways that you can help, pray about what you can do for the poor.
  4.  The 2-Dollar Day Challenge is about the food you eat, don’t worry about things like electricity or your cable bill. Yes those are luxuries that the poor don’t have, but the simple act of eating only food that you can buy with $2 for one day is going to be what gets our wheels spinning, and just maybe inspires us to do something.
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